Mar 12, 2011

new season, new blog. happy face.

Woah whats this?! Ch-ch-check it out yo, i've got my own little photography blog now.  I have some big plans brewing for my design + photography work this coming year; but currently i'm slaving away and finishing my thesis for my masters in architecture.  I'm so close I tell ya!  Until then, this is the new home for my current photostream of happy people in love.  Since this is a new blog (and long overdue by the way), expect me to post some weddings from last year as well as some thematic collections.  I'll try to keep my words short since my writing isn't the most elegant, but photos will be a plenty.  Hope you like them! Come back often, drop me a note, and thanks for visiting!

Priya + Pranav // Engagement
making faces with Priya + Pranav, one of my favourite couples.

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