Apr 13, 2012

A Wedding { Anna + John }

Anna + John

I hope you can forgive the blog absence during my winter hibernation, but i'm back and ready to post again! With all this abnormally warm weather we're having here in Toronto, I decided to ad to the sunshine with one of my favourite weddings from last summer. You'll remember Anna and John from their lakeshore picnic and the bubblebooth sneak peek of their wedding. Like all great weddings their special day included bow ties, wedding dress bed jumping, coin tossing, blue skies, a former brick factory, a gorgeous wedding party and one "dynamite " nephew - He was singing his favourite song all day =]


AJ01 AJ02 AJ04 AJ05 AJ06 AJ06 AJ07 AJ08 AJ09 AJ10 AJ12 AJ13 AJ14 AJ15 AJ16 AJ17 AJ18 AJ19 AJ20 AJ21 AJ22 AJ25 AJ26 AJ27 AJ28 AJ29 AJ30 P.S. I wanna give a shout out to my team on this job for their incredible help, we had a big group - May, Henry + Titus thank you as always. Oh and please do check out Made In Camera's love story film, they were an amazing video team to work alongside.

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